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So good. Extremely great follow up.

oh my good lord.

psycosis91, brings me back to the good days of sprite movies... i thought you died!


That thing scared the bajeesus out of me too.

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this years was great

I want to try and participate next year, this really intrigued me when I first read about it [back when I was a flash reg] and it seems exciting. I'll have to get this damn newgrounds text lag out of my system though before I think about posting regularly on the BBS...


I'm sorry

The only good thing about this tutorial was linkin park, and you didn't even choose their best songs.

Try drawing random things on paper with a pen over and over again, and practice basic shapes and proportion.

I have to give it to you though, if you didn't use an online translator your english is quite good for a 14 year old.

Flashmovieboy responds:

Thanks! But that wasn't best linkin park songs? I think that Leave out All the Rest was very good song...

This game be teh secks

This game is so damn fun, I smiled ear to ear when the stage started shifting. Fun, exciting and challenging, 5/5!

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Snare doesn't really have any definition, but definitely a cool mix of electronica and stuff. I'm a big fan of the bass tone, what did you do for it?

MetalRenard responds:

Only 3 stars? ;_;
Erm bass tone... Where? The electronica intro or the actual bass I played later on in the song? Send me a PM with an answer/next question. :)

As for the snare I prefer the more 80's sound hence why it's wider and not so defined. It's a choice, not an issue.

holy clipping batman

be careful with your levels in relation to the software you have, clipping scares people.

it's pretty good but the clipping scared me

i'm a people

but good job

QuietCorpse responds:

Clipping is scary. xP I've been working on that.

Thank you for the review! =]

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It seemed like just another hedgehog fanart ripoff that I've seen so much of, but I actually liked the character design and you drew it well. I like the style. 8/10 :D

HypNosE777 responds:

i agree with the ripoff :b but i made him when i was small, but i'v been trying to remake him slowely for the last 5 years :b but its still him im knowen for on deviantART so i wont change him that much (:

and the other stuff (: thanks

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